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A Celebration of Impact: International Women’s Day 2024

7 min readMar 8, 2024

The cryptocurrency realm is witnessing an empowering shift, thanks to the tenacity and brilliance of women who are not just participating in the crypto movement but are actively shaping its course and future.

Today, on the occasion of World’s International Women’s Day 2024, we celebrate the resilience, ingenuity, and foresight of these women, whose contributions have not only enriched this space but have also paved the way for a more inclusive and balanced digital future.

5. Katie Haun

Katie Haun is a trailblazer in the intersection of technology, law, and finance, making significant contributions to the cryptocurrency landscape through her role as a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz. Before entering the venture capital world, Haun carved out an impressive career as a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice, where she specialized in fraud, cyber, and corporate crime. Her pioneering work included creating the government’s first cryptocurrency task force and leading high-profile investigations such as the Mt. Gox hack and the Silk Road task force corruption case.

Haun’s legal expertise extends beyond cryptocurrency, with a history of prosecuting a wide range of serious crimes and holding influential positions within the Justice Department. Her transition to the private sector has seen her serve on the boards of significant tech entities like Coinbase and HackerOne, further solidifying her influence in the tech and crypto industries.

In addition to her professional achievements, Haun is committed to education, sharing her knowledge through teaching roles at prestigious institutions like Stanford Business School and Stanford Law School. Her insights into the convergence of technology and regulation have been sought after by both the House and Senate, highlighting her status as a respected thought leader.

Haun’s venture into venture capital has been marked by strategic investments in innovative companies such as Zora, Aleo, and Artemis, reflecting her vision for the future of blockchain and digital assets. Her ability to attract substantial investments from major firms, including sovereign wealth funds, underscores the trust and confidence in her expertise and foresight in the rapidly evolving crypto sector. Residing in San Francisco and holding lifetime membership in the Council on Foreign Relations, Haun continues to be a pivotal figure in shaping the dialogue and development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

4. Eleanor Terrett

Eleanor Terrett has emerged as a significant voice in the cryptocurrency community, leveraging her platform as a Fox Business journalist and producer to shed light on pivotal developments in the crypto space. Her incisive commentary, particularly on the high-profile Ripple v. SEC lawsuit, has garnered her a substantial following of over 90,000 enthusiasts eager for her insights. This visibility, however, has made her a target for impersonators on social media, prompting her to frequently remind her audience of her authentic online presence and to caution them against fraudulent profiles promising trading strategies and tips.

Despite the unwelcome attention from scammers, Terrett’s influence continues to grow, with her direct messages increasingly filled with offers for paid sponsorships, a testament to her status as a respected figure in the crypto world. Nevertheless, she maintains a cautious stance on endorsements, prioritizing her professional responsibilities and personal principles over commercial opportunities.

Away from the digital sphere, Terrett finds solace and fulfillment in volunteering at animal shelters, highlighting her multifaceted personality that extends beyond her professional achievements in journalism. A notable career milestone for Terrett was receiving acknowledgment from Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, CEO of Binance, who commended her for her accurate reporting on social media, further solidifying her reputation as a reliable and insightful commentator in the complex and ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

3. Cathie Woods

Catherine Duddy Wood, widely known as Cathie Wood, is an American investment visionary and the mastermind behind ARK Invest, an investment management firm she founded in 2014 with a revolutionary vision. ARK Invest stands out in the financial landscape for transforming active equity portfolios into exchange-traded funds (ETFs), focusing on companies involved in disruptive innovation across sectors like artificial intelligence, genomics, robotics, clean energy, and notably, blockchain technology.

Wood’s journey in the finance world began in 1977 as an assistant economist, a position she secured through the guidance of her mentor, Arthur Laffer. However, it was her tenure as the Chief Investment Officer of Global Thematic Strategies at AllianceBernstein that set the stage for her future endeavors. Despite facing challenges, including criticism for her portfolio’s performance during the 2007–2008 financial crisis, Wood’s unwavering belief in the transformative power of technology led her to establish ARK Invest. The firm’s foundation was inspired by the biblical Ark of the Covenant, reflecting Wood’s personal convictions and innovative spirit.

With initial backing from Bill Hwang of Archegos Capital, ARK Invest launched its first four ETFs, quickly becoming a pivotal player in the investment world. As of September 2023, ARK manages eight funds with a combined net asset value of $14.7 billion, testament to Wood’s strategic foresight and commitment to investing in technologies that promise to enhance human well-being.

ARK Invest ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF (ARKB) is among 11 spot bitcoin ETF’s Approved to trade publicly in January 2024 by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Cathie Woods is a very vocal Bitcoin investor who has spoken publicly about bitcoin’s potential on several occasions.

2. Hester Peirce

Hester Peirce, affectionately known as “Crypto Mom” within the cryptocurrency community, has emerged as a pivotal figure in the dialogue between the burgeoning crypto industry and regulatory bodies in the United States. An Ohio-born lawyer with a deeply ingrained belief in the power of individual choice and the minimization of government interference in financial markets, Peirce has carved out a distinctive stance within the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Appointed to the SEC during Donald Trump’s presidency, Peirce has consistently advocated for a regulatory approach that supports innovation and accessibility within the financial sector, particularly in the realm of cryptocurrencies. Her tenure at the SEC has been marked by a proactive engagement with the crypto industry, earning her the moniker “Crypto Mom” for her efforts to streamline the regulatory pathway for investors and entrepreneurs in the crypto space.

Peirce’s philosophy stems from a lifelong fascination with finance, influenced by her upbringing in a family that valued economic principles and individual liberties. Her father, an economics professor and a political candidate for the Libertarian party, along with her early interest in tracking stock market trends, undoubtedly shaped her perspectives on regulation and innovation.

In her role at the SEC, Peirce has been vocal about her concerns over imposing overly restrictive regulations that could stifle the potential of cryptocurrencies and related technologies. She champions a regulatory framework that is conducive to innovation, arguing that informed individuals are better positioned to make decisions than a prescriptive government. This approach has not only endeared her to the crypto community but has also positioned her as a critical voice in the ongoing discourse on how best to integrate and regulate digital assets within the broader financial ecosystem.

1. Yi He

Yi He stands as a towering figure in the realm of cryptocurrency, not just as a co-founder of Binance, the world’s most expansive cryptocurrency exchange, but also as its Chief Marketing Officer. Her journey in the crypto world began with significant roles, including co-founding OKX and serving as Vice President at Yixia Technology, a leader in mobile video tech. Her transition to Binance in August 2017 alongside Changpeng Zhao marked a pivotal turn in the exchange’s trajectory, swiftly elevating it to a global powerhouse in cryptocurrency trading.

Under Yi He’s stewardship, Binance has not only flourished as a trading platform but has also taken significant strides in fostering blockchain technology and cryptocurrency adoption. Her initiatives, such as the launch of Binance’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) platform and various educational endeavors, underscore her commitment to advancing the industry’s growth. As the head of Binance Labs and the mastermind behind the brand’s marketing and business strategies, Yi He continues to be a driving force in the crypto sphere, embodying leadership, innovation, and a deep-seated passion for blockchain technology’s transformative potential.




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