Whitelist Mint2 is your only chance to get the BEST DEAL!

3 min readApr 4, 2022

Did you miss the first mint? You’re in luck! Whitelist Mint2 is fast approaching and it will be your only chance to mint IggyBoys for the discounted price of 0.055 ETH. Read on to learn how to whitelist your IggyBoy and the benefits you can earn!

Finally, after much anticipation from the NFT community, the second and final Iggyboy Whitelist Mint2 will take place on April 8th at 2 PM CET, will last 72 hours, and will include 3000 IggyBoys. Iggyboys will be available for purchase at a discounted rate of 0.055 ETH. Take note that on April 7 the whitelist will be closed and there will be no public sale after the WL Mint2!

Benefits of Whitelist Mint 2

The initial minting and unveiling of IggyBoy was a huge success. The first minters were quick to get involved, publishing their Iggies across a range of social media platforms and comparing traits and speculating about rare IggyBoys yet to be minted. There are a few things about WL Mint2 that make it even better and more exclusive:

  • This is the ONLY chance to mint the 2nd batch of IggyBoy NFTs
  • IggyBoys will be revealed IMMEDIATELY
  • You have a chance to score a truly RARE IggyBoy NFT
  • IggyBoys will sell at a discounted price of 0.055 ETH

Even more exciting BONUS! We have a special offer for minters – the more you mint, the more you get!

Ways to Whitelist

STEP 1: Pass a quick 5 minutes long quiz: https://1athstudio.involve.me/mint2
Before you start go through the FAQ (3 minutes) to pass the quiz successfully.

STEP 2: Submit the screenshots of the completed quiz:
Option 1: In the Community Chat of our Discord tagging @IggyGuard
Option 2: By email at milan@1ath.studio

To learn more, you may check out https://iggyboy.1ath.studio/wl-mint2

Benefits for Holders

Unlike many other NFT initiatives, our IggyBoy NFTs have built-in utility, and we place a premium on long-term holder advantages! That’s why we provide a lot of benefits for securing those IggyBoys:

▪ Shareholding opportunity from their mass-adoption partners.
▪ Revenue from their trading volume on the Open Sea will be shared with members of the community.
▪ Owners of IggyBoy and IggyLady will receive symbiosis.
▪ Multiple avenues to score cash and NFT drops. You can also participate in contests and events on their platforms.

Some exciting news

We’ve got some exciting news to share! The IggyLady collection is well underway, and we’ve already shared several early looks on social media and Discord. For the release of that collection, we have some genuinely AMAZING ideas — something the NFT world has never seen before. We’ll let you know as soon as we have them!

In the meantime, we’d want to express our gratitude to our community members and Alphas, who make this project so unique and gratifying! If you haven’t already, join our Discord server and follow us on all of our social media platforms to stay up to date!

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