4 min readJul 10, 2023

It’s the second week in an already eventful month of July. We take a look at some of the top web3 news from the preceding weekend.

Twitter Threatens Lawsuit Against Meta

Twitter has threatened to sue Meta platform over it’s new thread platform. Twitter’s lawyer, Alex Spiro sent a letter to the Facebook parents company on Thursday to notify of the proposed lawsuit.

In the letter, Spiro accused Meta of hiring former Twitter employees who “had and continue to have access to twitter’s trade secrets and other confidential information. Meta has since debunked this allegations, while Elon musk reacted to this by tweeting: Competition is fine, Cheating is not”.

RFK’s Hidden Bitcoin Investment Uncovered

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., despite previous claims, has been revealed to be a massive Bitcoin investor.

June documents shows that he owns between $100K to $250K worth of Bitcoin. Kennedy has asserted that his investment poses no conflict of interest with his ambitions for God’s own Country. He is part of a growing trend of pro-crypto politicians springing up for next year’s polls.

FBI Raids Kraken Founder’s Los Angeles Home

Jesse Powell, former CEO of a crypto exchange Kraken, was reportedly under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on allegations of hacking and harassment against a non-profit organization. The FBI conducted a search of Powell’s residence in Los Angeles as part of the ongoing criminal probe.

This followed a previous investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) into Kraken’s offering of unregistered securities. The Kraken management stated that the investigation is unrelated to the exchange and that Powell denied any wrong doing.

Elon Musk Praises China’s Strong A.I. Credentials

Twitter owner, Elon musk has praised China, stating that they are in a strong position in the development and advancement of Artificial intelligence.

Musk also submitted his thoughts that China has the ability to be great at anything they put their mind to do. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO delivered these remarks on Thursday, 6th July, by video to the world of Artificial intelligence conference being held in Shanghai, China.

GPT-4: AI Revolution Begins

OpenAI opened the floodgates for the highly anticipated GPT-4 API, making it accessible to all paying customers. The GPT-4 API, with its powerful capabilities and an 8K context window, promises enhanced consistency and coherence in responses.

OpenAI have also made GPT-3.5 Turbo, DALL·E, and Whisper APIs widely available. Developers can now look forward to the fine-tuning feature for GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 Turbo later in the year.

Ripple Sets Sights on London as Hub for Crypto Expansion

Ripple, a leading blockchain technology company, has set its sights on London as part of its expansion plans within the Crypto industry.

According to the top cryptocurrency project, London known as a global financial hub, offers a favorable environment for Ripple to foster growth and expand its presence.

Musk Insults Zuck as Threads Approaches 100M Users

Elon Musk’s feud with Mark Zuckerberg intensified over the weekend as Threads, Meta’s Twitter rival, approached a whopping 100 million users within a week of its launch.

Musk relentlessly criticized Threads and even threatened to file a lawsuit against Meta. In his latest Twitter attack, Musk called Zuckerberg a “cuck” and provocatively proposed a “literal d*ck measuring contest”. Zuckerberg responded subtly, using memes and mocking Musk’s posts. Despite their rivalry, Threads’ rapid user growth was impressive. Musk still led with his estimated 368 million Twitter users worldwide.




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