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2 min readApr 5, 2023

Welcome to this new edition, we will talk about this last days updates, we had some fascinating developments in the Web3 ecosystem, including the Twitter icon change by tech titan Elon Musk, the launch of new AI-powered apps, and more developments!

Chinese Central Bank Official Urges Caution with Cryptocurrency Regulation

China’s Deputy Governor Xuan Changneng warned regulators to balance the need for innovation with potential costs to financial stability and consider the risks of cryptocurrency and fraud when developing new regulations. This comes amid increased regulatory scrutiny in China, including a crackdown on crypto mining and trading and new rules requiring financial institutions to screen customers’ transactions for crypto-related activity.

Twitter Icon Goes Full Doge!

Elon Musk has changed his Twitter icon to Doge after seeking the dismissal of a lawsuit, demonstrating his love for Dogecoin in true meme-master style. Musk’s unabashed enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency continues to charm the internet, turning a rough patch into a full-on digital dog park.

The Terra Heist Takedown!

South Korea seizes $160M assets from Terraform Labs co-founders, including luxury real estate to prevent former employees from avoiding criminal proceedings. Terra co-founder Do Kwon’s arrest in Montenegro has both the US and South Korea seeking his custody. No crypto assets seized yet, with Terra’s co-founders on the run.

Bitcoin Rollercoaster Ride

Bitcoin remains steady at around $28,000 despite rumors about Binance and shifts in US Treasury yields. Its gains this year and increasing popularity among investors make a strong case for its role as a reliable store of value. However, ongoing regulatory uncertainty surrounding major crypto exchanges may prevent it from breaking above $30,000.

Opean Sea Pro Aggregator is here!

OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace, has launched OpenSea Pro, an advanced platform that offers enhanced features, automation tools, and mobile compatibility. It aggregates data from 170 marketplaces, providing valuable insights to professional collectors. The acquisition of Gem in April 2022 has taken OpenSea to the next level, making OpenSea Pro a must-have for serious NFT collectors.

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