Web3 news: Brief Summary for the Week’s Start

3 min readMay 8, 2023

Wishing everyone a smooth start to the week! Today, we have prepared the latest news for you so that you are always up to date with the main events in the world of web3. Thank you for being with us!

NFT Royalty Giveaway

Major UK newspaper, The Daily Express, offers free NFTs featuring King Charles’ coronation to its readers, partnering with a blockchain-based collectibles platform. This stunning NFT is a must-have for collectors and royal family enthusiasts.

Binance’s Record Withdrawal

A massive $4.6 billion worth of BTC leaves Binance in its largest withdrawal ever, highlighting the growing trend of investors seeking secure storage solutions or alternative platforms for their crypto assets.

$PEPE Market Milestone

Meme coin $PEPE soars to a $1 billion market cap, surpassing FLOKI and becoming the third-largest token in its category. Watch out, meme coins, $PEPE is on the rise!

Apple Tackles AI Bias

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, unveils plans to integrate AI into products while thoughtfully addressing biases in machine learning datasets, emphasizing a responsible approach to AI technology.

Kazakhstan’s Crypto Taxes

Kazakhstan collects $7 million in crypto mining taxes in 2022, with plans to introduce more regulations for one of the world’s top Bitcoin mining hubs in order to curb tax fraud and illegal operations.

New York’s Crypto Proposal

Aiming to establish the most comprehensive crypto regulations in the US, a landmark crypto law has been proposed in New York, providing clarity for digital asset businesses and fostering innovation.

Russia’s Mining Migration

Crypto miners’ next big migration could bring Russia’s share of Bitcoin’s total hashrate to 18%, as favorable energy costs and an accommodating regulatory environment attract more miners to the country.




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