Web Summit Speaker: Charles Hoskinson

2 min readOct 15, 2022

As already known, Web Summit is an annual technology conference that brings together leading speakers, tech’s biggest companies, world-renowned CEOs, policymakers, and top media outlets.

Charles Hoskinson is one of our target speakers to listen to and see his opinion about the current crypto market, the future of crypto and NFTs, and other insights.

Charles Hoskinson — Founder Cardano

Charles Hoskinson is an American software developer and entrepreneur who is the founder of the Cardano blockchain platform and former CEO of the world’s first second-gen blockchain platform, Ethereum.

He is co-founder and current CEO of leading blockchain engineering company IOHK — a company focused on the next generation of blockchain systems.

Cardano, also known as ADA, was launched by a team led by Hoskinson in 2017. The project heads strive to differentiate Cardano through a degree of academic rigor applied to its code. Moreover, Cardano’s developers say it is built on peer-reviewed research that it hopes will give people confidence that its code is stable and solid.

Cardano’s focus has been on creating a system that is cheaper to use and more efficient than Ethereum but that also avoids the intermittent instability of other upstart contenders such as Solana. But this approach has also slowed the pace of Cardano’s rollout.

While many active projects use Cardano, its adoption has been limited by its deliberate approach to rolling out new features. The development team still has many key pieces of its road map left to complete, including features that will improve the network’s ability to grow.

Charles Hoskinson’s current projects focus on education on cryptocurrency topics, evangelism of decentralization, and making cryptographic tools easier for the mainstream.

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