Top Crypto Updates: The last week in view

3 min readAug 8, 2023

Looking at some of the biggest talking points in the crypto world recently, we bring you details from the past week.

U.S. Senators Call for Crackdown on North Korea’s Cryptocurrency Funding of Nuclear Program

Three U.S. Senators, Warren, Kaine, and Van Hollen, have voiced concerns about North Korea using cryptocurrency to fund its nuclear program and evade sanctions. They wrote to the White House and Treasury, asking about actions against North Korea’s misuse of digital assets.

Cathie Wood Expects Another Delay for ARK Bitcoin ETF

Cathie Wood has predicted a potential delay for ARK Invest’s spot bitcoin ETF, citing the SEC’s review period ending soon. Wood speculates the SEC might approve multiple Bitcoin ETFs simultaneously instead of a single one. Amid the excitement, SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s expressed concerns about fraud and manipulation in the sector have brought attention.

X Social Media Launching In-App Trading Hub

X (formerly Twitter) is seeking a financial data giant to build a trading hub inside the app. The request plans were sent to big providers in recent weeks asking for proposals for financial content, real-time stock data and other features.

Coinbase hits back at SEC in bid to dismiss lawsuit

Largest US Crypto Exchange, coinbase has hit out at the Securities and exchange commission (SEC) in a recent court filing. Coinbase claims in the filing, that the regulatory watchdog has NO AUTHORITY to pursue it’s lawsuit, and has violated due process by filing the lawsuit against them. The exchange further expressed their optimism to come out victorious in the lawsuit.

Exploiter Returns 61,000 ETH to Curve Finance After Warning

The Curve Finance exploiter has given back 61,000 ETH following a strong warning from the protocol. The hacker, with unauthorized protocol access, asked Alchemix Finance to confirm a return address for the stolen funds.

PayPal Launches Crypto USD stable coin

American Payment giant, PayPal has announced the Launch of their stable coin (PYUSD) As part of their crypto push, eligible users will be able to trade and make payments in PYUSD via the PayPal platform.

CoinGecko now has an index for crypto tokens alleged as securities

CoinGecko, a popular Cryptocurrency data aggregator, has added an “Index Crypto” category to its platform, covering cryptocurrencies that are deemed to be securities. The classification of a cryptocurrency as a security is a complex legal issue that varies from country to country.




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