Top 3 Ways to Make Money with ChatGPT in 2024

9 min readMay 28, 2024


Are you ready to unlock the potential of artificial intelligence and start making money in 2024? Look no further! ChatGPT, the powerful language model developed by OpenAI, is not just a tool for answering questions or generating text — it’s a goldmine waiting to be tapped. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur, there are exciting and profitable ways to leverage ChatGPT and boost your income. In this two-part article, we’ll explore the top 3 innovative and lucrative methods to make money with ChatGPT in 2024.

1. Get Business Ideas from ChatGPT

One of the most powerful ways to leverage ChatGPT in 2024 is by using it to generate smart and innovative business ideas. ChatGPT can serve as a brainstorming partner, providing you with a wide range of ideas tailored to your interests and market demands. Here’s how you can get started:

How to Generate Business Ideas

To get the most out of ChatGPT, you need to use effective prompts. Here are several examples of prompts that can help you obtain rich and diverse business ideas:

  • Tech Startups: “ChatGPT, what are some innovative tech startup ideas that are trending in 2024?”
  • Sustainable Business: “Can you suggest some eco-friendly business ideas that could be profitable in 2024?”
  • Online Businesses: “What are some profitable online business ideas for a beginner in the tech industry?”
  • Niche Markets: “What are some untapped niche markets I can explore for a new business venture?”
  • Local Business Ideas: “What kind of small businesses would be successful in a small town or suburban area?”

Using these prompts, ChatGPT can provide a wealth of business concepts that you might not have considered otherwise. For instance, you might receive ideas about creating a tech-driven recycling solution, launching a virtual personal training service, or developing an app that connects local farmers with consumers.

Building the Idea into a Business

Once you have a business idea, the next step is to turn it into a reality. Here’s how ChatGPT can assist in this process:

  1. Coding and Website Development:
  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, can you help me with starting the code for a website for my new business idea?”
  • Example: If your business idea involves a tech platform, ChatGPT can provide you with the initial coding scripts for your website. For example, it can generate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to set up a basic website structure. You can then expand on this foundation or hand it over to a developer for further customization.

2. Funding Pitches and Startup Campaigns:

  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, can you help me write a compelling funding pitch for my startup?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can draft persuasive pitches to present to potential investors, highlighting the unique aspects of your business, market potential, and financial projections. Additionally, it can help you create engaging content for crowdfunding campaigns, including detailed project descriptions, rewards for backers, and social media posts to drive engagement.

3. Market Research and Business Plans:

  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, can you help me outline a business plan for my new venture?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can assist in drafting a comprehensive business plan that covers market analysis, competitive landscape, marketing strategies, operational plans, and financial projections. This structured plan can serve as a roadmap for your business development and a crucial document for securing funding.

4. Marketing and Social Media Strategies:

  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, what are some effective marketing strategies for launching a new product?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can provide insights into digital marketing tactics, such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media campaigns. It can also generate content ideas for blog posts, email newsletters, and social media updates to build your brand presence online.

By leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities, you can efficiently transform your business ideas into actionable plans and set yourself on the path to success. Whether you need technical support, creative content, or strategic advice, ChatGPT is a versatile tool that can help you navigate the journey from concept to reality.

2. Freelancing

Entering the world of freelancing can be both exciting and daunting, especially for newcomers. Fortunately, ChatGPT can be an invaluable guide and assistant, helping you start your freelancing journey and scale it to earn substantial income. Here’s how you can leverage ChatGPT to become a successful freelancer:

Starting Up as a New Freelancer

Getting started as a freelancer involves identifying your skills, choosing the right platforms, and creating a compelling profile. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you kick off your freelancing career:

  1. Identify Your Skills and Niche:
  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, what are some in-demand freelance skills in 2024?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can suggest a range of in-demand skills such as content writing, graphic design, web development, digital marketing, and data analysis. It can also help you identify niche markets where your specific skills are highly sought after.

2. Choosing the Right Platforms:

  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, which freelancing platforms are best for beginners?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can recommend top freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Toptal, and Guru. It can provide insights into each platform’s strengths, user base, and types of projects available, helping you choose the best one for your skills and goals.

3. Creating a Compelling Profile:

  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, can you help me write a captivating freelancer profile summary?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can draft a professional and engaging profile summary that highlights your skills, experience, and what you offer to clients. A well-crafted profile can significantly increase your chances of attracting potential clients.

Navigating Freelancing Platforms with ChatGPT

Once you’re set up on a freelancing platform, ChatGPT can continue to support you in various ways:

  1. Writing Proposals:
  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, can you help me write a winning proposal for a web development project?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can craft personalized proposals tailored to specific job postings, emphasizing your relevant experience, skills, and how you can meet the client’s needs. A strong proposal increases your chances of securing projects.

2. Setting Competitive Rates:

  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, what are the standard rates for freelance graphic designers in 2024?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can provide insights into current market rates for various freelancing skills, helping you set competitive and fair pricing for your services.

3. Building Client Relationships:

  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, how can I maintain good relationships with my freelance clients?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can offer tips on effective communication, meeting deadlines, and providing excellent customer service to ensure repeat business and positive reviews.

Scaling Your Freelancing Business

As you gain experience and build your portfolio, ChatGPT can help you scale your freelancing business to new heights:

  1. Expanding Your Skill Set:
  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, what additional skills should I learn to increase my freelancing opportunities?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can recommend complementary skills or emerging trends in your field, allowing you to offer more services and attract higher-paying clients.

2. Marketing Your Services:

  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, how can I effectively market my freelancing services online?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can provide strategies for leveraging social media, creating a professional website, and using SEO to attract more clients. It can also generate content ideas for blog posts and social media updates to showcase your expertise.

3. Managing Finances:

  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, can you help me create a budget and financial plan for my freelancing business?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can assist in setting financial goals, tracking expenses, and managing income to ensure your freelancing business remains profitable and sustainable.

4. Networking and Collaboration:

  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, what are some effective ways to network with other freelancers and potential clients?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can suggest joining professional groups on LinkedIn, attending virtual conferences, and participating in online forums. Networking can lead to collaborations and referrals, further expanding your client base.

3. Write E-books and Self Publish

Becoming an author and self-publishing e-books is a fantastic way to generate income, especially with the wealth of tools and resources available today. Even if you have little to no experience in writing or publishing, ChatGPT can guide you through the entire process, from ideation to publication.

Starting Out as a Writer/Publisher

Getting started as a writer and publisher can be straightforward with the right approach and resources:

  1. Finding Your Niche:
  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, what are some profitable e-book topics for 2024?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can suggest hot topics and niches for 2024, such as personal development, health and wellness, financial independence, technology trends, and niche hobbies. Finding a topic that aligns with your interests and market demand is crucial.

2. Creating a Writing Schedule:

  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, can you help me create a writing schedule to complete my e-book?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can assist in creating a realistic writing plan, breaking down the process into manageable tasks and setting deadlines to keep you on track.

3. Generating Content Ideas:

  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, can you provide an outline for an e-book on sustainable living?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can help you generate an outline and structure for your e-book, providing chapter ideas, key points, and suggestions for content.

Best Self-Publishing Platforms

Several platforms offer excellent resources and guides for self-publishing:

  1. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP):
  • Overview: Amazon KDP is one of the most popular self-publishing platforms. It allows authors to publish their e-books and paperbacks for free and reach millions of readers on Amazon.
  • Features: Amazon KDP offers detailed guides on formatting, publishing, and marketing your e-book. It also provides royalty options and promotional tools to help you maximize your earnings.
  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, can you guide me through the process of publishing an e-book on Amazon KDP?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can provide step-by-step instructions on creating an Amazon KDP account, formatting your manuscript, designing a cover, and setting up your e-book for sale.

2. Draft2Digital:

  • Overview: Draft2Digital is another excellent self-publishing platform that simplifies the process of distributing your e-book to multiple retailers, including Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.
  • Features: Draft2Digital offers user-friendly tools for formatting and converting your manuscript, as well as automated end-matter generation. It also provides analytics and sales tracking to monitor your book’s performance.
  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, how can I publish my e-book using Draft2Digital?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can guide you through creating an account, uploading your manuscript, formatting your book, and choosing the distribution channels.

Best and Hot Topics for E-book Curators in 2024

Staying current with trending topics can significantly enhance the success of your e-books. Here are some hot topics for 2024:

  1. Personal Development and Self-Improvement:
  • Examples: Mindfulness practices, productivity hacks, mental health strategies, and career development.
  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, can you help me outline an e-book on productivity hacks for professionals?”

2. Health and Wellness:

  • Examples: Nutrition guides, fitness routines, holistic health approaches, and mental wellness.
  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, what are some popular topics in health and wellness for an e-book?”

3. Financial Independence and Wealth Building:

  • Examples: Investment strategies, cryptocurrency guides, budgeting techniques, and passive income ideas.
  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, can you suggest a structure for an e-book on achieving financial independence?”

4. Technology Trends:

  • Examples: Artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and digital transformation.
  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, can you help me brainstorm topics for an e-book on AI applications in business?”

5. Niche Hobbies and Interests:

  • Examples: Gardening, DIY projects, travel guides, and cooking recipes.
  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, what are some niche hobbies that would make for a compelling e-book?”

Building Your E-book into a Business

Once you have your e-book content ready, ChatGPT can assist in transforming it into a profitable venture:

  1. Marketing and Promotion:
  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, how can I market my e-book effectively?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can suggest marketing strategies such as leveraging social media, creating a blog, running email campaigns, and using Amazon’s promotional tools.

2. Creating a Series:

  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, can you help me plan a series of e-books on digital nomadism?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can assist in planning a series of interconnected e-books, providing ideas for themes, titles, and how to link them together to keep readers engaged.

3. Building an Author Brand:

  • Prompt: “ChatGPT, what are some ways to build my brand as an author?”
  • Example: ChatGPT can provide tips on establishing a strong online presence, engaging with readers, and creating a personal brand that resonates with your audience.

By following these steps and leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities, you can successfully write, publish, and promote your e-books, turning your passion for writing into a lucrative business.




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