1ATH.Studio Project Update: ReelBulls Partnership

Custom Proprietary Remote Game Server (RGS) Engine

Today, the RGS system is a must-have. The content can be the brands’ differentiator for digital player acquisition and retention marketing strategies.

What is a Remote Gaming Server (RGS)?

The remote game servers (RGS) system fuels online gaming and offers an efficient, smooth, and enjoyable user experience across all channels, formats, and devices, whether played in-store, online or mobile.

However, in the iGaming industry, even some established market players do not have their own RGS and host their games on third-party RGS platforms.

ReelBulls Custom Proprietary RGS Engine

What is remarkable about ReelBulls is that they have developed a custom proprietary RGS engine.

Since we have all the contracts with RellBulls, they had to create RGS and complete the development in a short period. One year to develop an RGS is fast, but they succeed.

Therefore, now we can make any games on this RGS together with ReelBulls, and we are on the safe side here.

The gaming servers you use will considerably impact your gaming experience!

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