Project updates following IggyBoy’s successful minting

3 min readMar 7, 2022

Following the successful minting of IggyBoy NFTs which ended last March 3, the entire collection will be revealed on March 10. Since then, we’ve been firing on all cylinders and we haven’t stopped trying to deliver on our promise of a powerful, transparent, and efficient community.

We’ve been actively expanding the community by organizing various contests and events to help spark engagement and involvement. The team is also striving to keep the floor price consistent by launching a new effort that will encourage community members to keep their assets and ensure that the floor price remains stable.

Here’s a quick rundown of the project’s progress and the team’s initiatives:

We have fought 90 SCAM COLLECTIONS with the help of our loyal IggyBoy community! There are just a few left but we’re working hard to get them banned.

The community has been extremely helpful. The server’s mood appears unchanged, with many members of the IggyBoy community pooling their powers and being on the lookout for possible scammers. The supportive Discord community of over 80,000 people appears to have been crucial in combating and beating scammers on both Discord and OpenSea.

We are in the process of cleaning the Discord server from bots and inactive users.

In the following days, we will clean our Discord server of bot users and inactive members, as promised. Don’t be shocked if the number of members continues to decline in the near future as we are focusing on bringing in high-quality members to our server!

Scheduled video calls with Alpha team members to brainstorm on ways to create a stronger community and a decentralized environment.

The IggyBoy project is certainly one of the established NFTs in the world that is concerned about the growth, security, and advancement of its NFTs and community. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to include alpha members in our team. We’ve been discussing and consulting with them about important strategies and decisions that will help increase the Iggyboy NFT floor price.

OS Royalty Pool has launched wherein holders of 10+ IggyBoy NFTs (for 30 days) will get exclusive opportunity to receive passive income

We will share 7.5% of OpenSea monthly royalty with the pool of 10 IggyBoy NFTs holders. Every first working day of a month, we will go through the applied wallets to verify a holding during a previous month and split the revenue share among the qualified ones.

Check out this link for more info.

You can mine your IggyBoys and double your current Iggies!

We will be giving you different tasks on the weeks of March 7–13 and March 14–21. You will need to carefully complete all the tasks and report to us.

REWARD: We will DOUBLE all your IggyBoys on March 21st by minting IggyBoys for you. Mint/gas fee on us!

Complete ALL gleam tasks:

Invite 1 friend to our server. A friend should make some activity on our server until March 21st

Check out this link for more info.

We also started the Daily Floor Price Marathon to help increase the floor price of Iggyboy NFTs and offer rewards on top

Set the floor price for ALL the IggyBoy NFTs you hold at 5+ ETH per single IggyBoy NFT!

REWARD: 2 IggyBoy NFTs with mint/gas fee on us!

Check out this link for more info.

We want to say a massive thank you to the IggyBoy community for coming with us on this journey with Alphas being the representatives! Without you, this project would not work as intended. There will be even more updates coming from us and more exciting news so stay tuned!

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