Minting for IggyBoy NFT is official OPEN!

1 min readFeb 20, 2022

You can now mint IggyBoy NFT at our official website:

We know that you are excited for presale mint day! Us, too! For a hassle-free minting experience, we recommend minting from desktop as it is easier to connect your Metamask to our minting app. It is also possible through mobile, but you will need to use Metamask native apps for that:



Here are some reminders:

1) You need to connect your Metamask via built-in browser in Metamask app (NOT via Chrome).

2) Open browser and enter our official page:

3) Click Presale Mint button and enter the mint dapp page

4) Click connect wallet

5) Your wallet is connected and you’re good to go to mint!

REMEMBER: connect via Metamask app browser, not directly from Chrome or any other browser. Make sure to enter our official page

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