KLING — ChatGPT’s Sora Killer Unleashed

1 min readJun 18, 2024


Sora by OpenAI revolutionized the internet, but KWAI’s new KLING is set to dethrone it! KLING is blowing minds with its groundbreaking capabilities.

Here are 10 incredible video examples that showcase why KLING is the new king in AI video technology. From stunning visual effects to seamless user experience, KLING is setting new standards and capturing attention worldwide.

  1. A Chinese man sitting at a table, eating noodles with chopsticks

2. An astronaut running on the moon

3. Carefully pouring milk into a cup, the milk flows smoothly and the cup is gradually filled with a milky white color

4. Industrial chimney in the setting sun

5. A beautiful aquarium fish swimming underwater

6. A cute black and white border collie, with its head sticking out of the car window, its fur blown by the wind, smiling and sticking out its tongue

7. A medieval sailing ship on the sea, foggy night, bright moonlight, eerie atmosphere.

8. A bunch of white apples bobbing on a branch, water droplets, flawless, macro photography, extreme detail

9. An adorable otter with a happy atmosphere surrounded by splashing water and floating twinkle twinkle little stars.

10. The huge shark in the water swam over and opened its mouth wide




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