IggyBoy Progress Update

4 min readJan 31, 2022

We’d want to begin by thanking you all for your undying support. IggyBoy is gaining popularity online, and we have received a considerable number of whitelist applications in recent weeks. We’re excited to share some new updates from the 1ATH.Studio team, progress with the project, and what you can expect from us in the future as we attempt to make our processes transparent and our community informed of what we’re working on.

Since we’ve been continuously announcing most of the news and current developments on social media, we’ll try to outline the most essential tasks we’ve done and are presently working on:

We have opened our page on Medium and we’ll continue posting news and updates here.

We now have an official Medium page for everyone to visit. We will keep it updated with fascinating articles on a regular basis, so there will always be something fresh for everyone to read and share.

Our IggyBoy NFT project got listed on most of the established NFT calendar websites like Rarity Tools, Rarity Sniper, Crypto.com, Coinmarketcap, Nftevening, Nftcalendar, and many others.

More details about the highly-anticipated IggyBoy NFT such as Mint Date, Pre-sale, and Public Sale prices are listed on these credible NFT listing sites.

We’re now actively working with established PR agencies to shout out about our project.

We got in touch with media channels to distribute PR articles and get them posted on MarketWatch, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Business Insider, Digital Journal, The Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, and more. PR agencies are very positive about our project so we will soon get worldwide PR coverage. Expect a huge PR flow.

Check out this article from MarketWatch

We’ve opened an NFT-Newbies channel for those new members who are just starting their NFT journey.

We’ve launched our FAQ channel and are constantly updating it with the most important facts about our project. We’ve set up a channel with our promises, where we’ll be broadcasting our pledges to our community over the post-sale period.

We have launched our Whitelist which is now rapidly getting filled.

A total of 2500 whitelist slots will be available. The whitelist spots will be given away in stages, and the closer we get to the mint day, the more stringent whitelisting standards will be. We strongly advise all interested members to act quickly and reserve a whitelist spot, as whitelist spots are LIMITED.

However, we have numerous ongoing giveaways happening at the moment. You can win generous prizes and secure your very own whitelist spot. You can check out our Discord and Twitter channels for more details.

Join the Ongoing Giveaway on Instagram

We’d want to express our gratitude to our engaged and enthusiastic community. Our special thanks are to our OG Iggies who approach us and give valuable recommendations on the marketing activities and strategic contacts.

Our team is entirely committed to this project and will be here for the long haul!

Please hurry to join our whitelist, as the terms will become more rigorous as time goes on. We expect IggyBoy to sell out during the Pre-sale period, with only whitelisted members able to purchase an IggyBoy NFT.

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