IggyBoy Progress Report: See How Far We’ve Come

4 min readMar 20, 2022

After being revealed on March 10, 2022, IggyBoy has been an enormous success with wide acceptance in the Metaverse and NFT world. Although the reveal of the Iggyboy NFTs has been delayed by a week, it has made massive waves in all aspects. From Fun Lab Art Contest to the Royalty Pool where holders can earn passive income, we have redefined the entertainment NFT space.

Our progress so far is detailed as follows:

Iggy Showroom Channel

Although it took some members a little time to see their NFTs due to the slow refresh rate of their browser, when they finally got their NFTs, they expressed their ecstatic feelings. After the Iggy collections were revealed, we created an Iggy showroom in the discord channel where IggyBoy holders can share and discuss the rarity of their NFTs to the world.

Formation of Alpha Teams

With lots of activities and new members trooping in on an hourly basis, it is crucial to have a team of leaders to ensure effective coordination. Our community is geared towards providing equal representation and allowing members to assume key decision-making roles. In addition, we aim to help foster improvements and community strength. We created an Alpha team that can help us achieve this goal.

It is important to note that application for Alpha positions is still on. Interested and qualified members can apply through our Discord server and tell us how they improve the community.

Fun Lab Art Contest

The opening of the Fun Lab is another incredible milestone in this short span of Iggyboy’s launch. The Fun Lab is an art competition in which members can produce any piece of art and compete for NFTs. Members of the community can create a work of art featuring IggyBoy as the main character, publish it on social media, tag 1ATH.Studio, and share the link so that others can vote. Several holders have already won amazing NFTs since the inception of the fun lab contest.

Launching of a Support Campaign for Ukraine

With the recent attacks going on in Ukraine, IggyBoy made it a part of its responsibility to help the people of Ukraine with the HELP UKRAINE WITH IGGY campaign. This campaign was aimed at helping the people of Ukraine with vital supplies such as food, cans, hygiene supplies, diapers, first aid supplies, clothes, and other essential needs.

Looksrare and Traitsniper Listing

It is a massive win for all of us as IggyBoy is listed on Looksrare, a popular NFT marketplace. Moreover, we also got listed on Traitsniper. Via these listings, IggyBoy has proven to be essential for all crypto and NFT enthusiasts.

Floor Price Marathon and Royalty Pool

After the release of IggyBoy NFTs, we created a platform wherein members can increase the floor price of their Iggy and get rewarded with 2 IggyBoy NFTs daily at the same time. A member just need to set the floor price of all their Iggy NFTs at 5+ ETH per single IggyBoy NFT and claim their rewards.

Another added feature to the IggyBoy platform is the Royalty Pool, where members can get passive income from OpenSea royalty by holding at least 10 IggyBoy NFTs. Holders can accumulate the rewards and withdraw at a later date.

Double Your Iggy and the Influencer Ping Campaign

We created an opportunity for holders to double their IggyBoys even though public mining had closed. However, members who wanted to enjoy this incredible offer had to complete certain tasks between March 7–21. We had numerous participants who are interested in getting their Iggies doubled on March 21.

The Influencer Ping Campaign was born out of the necessity to make IggyBoy NFTs more popular by working with influencers. To show that we hold our members in high esteem, IggyBoy holders were allowed to mediate in this process. The winners will be announced soon.

IggyBoy OpenSea Trading Giveaway, IggyLady, and End of Public Minting

Another progress we made in this short period is boosting our IggyBoy OpenSea trading. For every 15 purchases on OpenSea made by our members, 2 IggyBoy NFTs were given to the most voted NFT.

Also, in this period, we introduced another incredible NFT project, the IggyLady, to complement our IggyBoy.

Although public minting is closed till further notice, members can buy more IggyBoys via OpenSea and Rarible. As things unfold, we will announce criteria for future mining of IggyBoy, and the minting date will be available again.

Closing Remarks

Thanks to all of our members and strong community, IggyBoy has proven to be a massive bargain in NFTs. In fact, the best is yet to come as we have other amazing features in stock for you. Keep getting your IggyBoys!


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