IggyBoy is listed on Crypto.com

IggyBoy got published on Crypto.com’s Upcoming NFT Collection. The highly anticipated 3D NFT by 1ATH.Studio is set to launch on February 20.

To view the listing, visit this link.

1ATH.Studio will produce a collection of 10,000 3D IggyBoy NFTs that are truly one-of-a-kind. Each NFT is a unique piece of digital art manually created by 1ATH.Studio talented 3D designers. 1ATH.Studio will also issue 376 distinct animated NFTs that will be given away in promos, to influencers, and to promoters. 1ATH.Studio team doesn’t use auto-generated NFTs tools which increases the value of the uniquely “hand-crafted” IggyBoy collectibles.

Currently, the release of IggyBoy NFT collection is in the pipeline following the IggyLady NFT collection next. Our NFTs are 3D hand-made and they’re backed up with multiple utilities including benefits in the upcoming metaverse and further advantages provided by our partners which mass adopt their utilities using our NFTs.

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