IggyBoy goes Live despite attacks

3 min readFeb 25, 2022

As you all know, our presale was scheduled for the 20th of February and the collection indeed went live at that time. However, we had to brave a few challenges. In the spirit of transparency, we are still committed to keeping our IggyBoy fam in the loop regarding happenings. Here are some of the issues we faced.

Security Breaches

  1. There were about 50 collections created by scammers on OpenSea. These nefarious parties were selling our sneak peeks, but we managed to foil them by submitting a relevant ticket to the OS. Members of the IggyBoy community also played a part by sending scam reports in accordance with the How to video and instructions we provided.
  2. The discord server was hacked as well. This shook a lot of whitelisted community members as the hackers proceeded to kick some off the whitelist, and did the same to some moderators. Some harmful content was released via the platform, but we managed to repel further efforts of the hackers under 15 minutes.
  3. In an even more severe move, our mint dApp was attacked as well during the presale mint start. Despite bringing the issue under control in 15 minutes, the event had predictably shaken a lot of whitelisted Iggyboy speculators. As a result, some minters and community members shied away during the presale. To retain the advantages that whitelisted fam should have had, we are offering a minting opportunity to such people at the presale conditions. This opportunity would be open for a week.

Dropping Prices

The minting of the IggyBoy NFT collection has seen a price dump as well. This has occurred as a result of public minters, selling off NFTs at prices below the presale valuation. There’s no reason to worry as we don’t see this practice happening beyond the short-term. If anything, we recommended that true fans of the IggyBoy movement take advantage of the favorable economics to score a few NFTs at lower prices.

Keeping Our Promises

Though the concept of NFTs is a few years old, they are still relatively unexplored, and their marketplaces are very volatile. That said, we can be considered pioneers as well. This means we are going to learn most of our trade lessons from mistakes. The IggyBoy project has come a long way and community members that have been here the longest can attest to our adaptability in solving issues.

In line with that adaptability, we are equally committed to learning from the experience of the presale. This report is to reiterate the fact that this is a long-term project and our setbacks are only temporary. Our concept is not a “create and dump” plan; we strongly believe in NFTs, the Metaverse, and the potential of this project.

The roadmap of the project is still our guiding document and, just as we are keeping the promise of transparency, we will keep the promises that we have made in that document.

Final words

Decentralization and community management were inherent goals of our vision and it was heartwarming to see a growing number of IggyBoy supporters monitoring the project or contributing to strategies. These efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Following the security breaches, we are working closely with the community and are about to kick start the next phase of marketing.

This next phase would consolidate on our growing popularity. There was a time during the week when a community member commenting on our security issues remarked that “we are popular”. Through it all, that’s a positive to take away; we are popular and attractive enough to attract scammers. In other words, we are succeeding and together we would continue to succeed.

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