Buy NFT for 0.04 ETH, and get 0.055 ETH back

Daily Floor Price Marathon has become a floor-sweeping machine!

Buy NFT for 0.04 ETH, get 0.055 ETH back!

Do you like such math?

Djek666#6805 — our Iggy holder has recently completed a few easy steps and won cash back for the IggyBoy NFT he has purchased on Opensea! The cashback itself was more significant than the Iggy purchase price. Congrats!

The IggyBoy NFT was bought for 0.04 ETH, and the amount of cashback received is 0.055 ETH!

The mechanics of the Weekly Floor Price Marathon:

  • We launch a daily raffle on our Discord, and any member can join to try luck.
  • If the raffle selects a member, they can purchase an Iggy on Opensea and wait for the weekly raffle.
  • Each winner of the weekly raffle gets 0.055 ETH cash back if the winner purchases an NFT on Opensea within the previous week, regardless of its price.

It is possible to get cash back for up to 5 purchased Iggies!

Get your Iggy today and receive 0.055 ETH cash back:

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