IggyBoy by 1ATH.Studio: Alphas Wanted

3 min readMar 9, 2022

It’s IggyBoy again, and we are back with yet another announcement from the team. Ever since the release of this exclusive project, our discord server has been abuzz with activity. We have decided to capitalize on this to create an exclusive team within the club of IggyBoy owners.

Why now?

Two key tenets of the promises made to prospective owners before the launch of this collection were continuous aggressive marketing and decentralization opportunities. Our team has delivered on the first of those and is still doing so. This is the first step towards delivering on the other.

Decentralization in crypto-related projects is important because of the transparency it confers on activities. This move by our team is intended to give deserving members a say in the decision-making process. By extension, they would be having a say in the direction of the project, representing the interest of the IggyBoy owner’s community and helping foster community strength.

Who can become Alphas in the IggyBoy community?

As much as we’ve pointed out the fact that IggyBoy owners can become Alphas, the honor isn’t available to just any IggyBoy holder. Interested individuals would have to meet certain requirements before they are considered eligible. Some of these requirements are:

  1. Being an OG or Alpha (or having similar standing) on the discord server of an established NFT project. Established in this case refers to mid/high profile projects.
  2. Having experience with crypto trading, development of crypto-related projects, decision making behind crypto projects etc.
  3. Owning at least 10 IggyBoy NFTs
  4. Understanding the IggyBoy project and showing sufficient capacity in explaining the vision and responsibility of the team. Eligible candidates should also be able to detail their experience with other projects.

It should be noted that meeting these requirements does not automatically grant one Alpha status. Instead, each application will be carefully reviewed to assess the potential relevance of the applicant.

What the roles of IggyBoy Alphas would be?

Alphas would be expected to contribute to the decision-making of the core team. As such, they would be representing the interest of the ownership community to the team and fulfilling responsibilities assigned to them.

What are the advantages of being an Alpha?

It’s not going to be all functions and no benefits for Alphas on this project. Beyond the responsibilities that come with their higher standing, Alphas are to enjoy unique benefits worthy of their privileged position in the IggyBoy community. Some of these benefits are:

  • Access to insider info on future moves and projects
  • The position to publicly represent this collection, future products, and 1ATH.Studio as well
  • Close communication with the founders and other Alphas of the project
  • Automatic whitelist spots for future NFT collections
  • Automatic consideration for future project-related benefits and promos
  • Two additional IggyBoys to go with previously owned ones
  • An opportunity to join the OpenSea royalty share pool of this project

Moving forward

The IggyBoy fam already has standing Alphas and these have started to leverage their influence with the team. A number of suggestions have been made by them and approved by us. This indicates that they are not simply for show. To verify the importance of this group of individuals, you should join our Discord server and monitor suggestions and developments via the community chat.

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