Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge: Bringing Entertainment to the Metaverse

3 min readJun 3, 2022


Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge is sending out a call to the talents of social media to participate in the first-ever Metaverse sponsored entertainment competition: Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge — Season 1.

This is a rare opportunity for performers to carve out a name for themselves in the blossoming community of Virtual Reality. Participating Dancers and DJs stand a chance to win mouth-watering cash prizes with a total prize pool of $15,000 and massive media and virtual exposure.

Iggy is Raising A New Breed of Meta-Entertainers

As we all know, the world is going digital at a neck-breaking pace. Almost every sector is finding representation in the Metaverse. Everything has gone virtual from gaming to health and fitness, not excluding the arts and fashion industries. The Metaverse is the future.

The world of entertainment is not to be left behind in this evolution process.

That is why we came up with Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge to step up in the competition. We also see it as an opportunity to announce our project of pioneering entertainment representation in the virtual world: The vUniversum metaverse.

Iggy, our Metaverse character, wishes to use this chance to create a platform that would catapult a new set of stars to fame. A new generation of influencers and stars in the vast and still unsaturated world of virtual reality.

A Shot at Metaverse Fame

The Iggy Dance & DJ challenge is not just a competition. It is a meet-and-greet for the future elite of the entertainment Metaverse. Anyone who wishes to be anyone in the burgeoning entertainment industry of virtual reality would do well to seize this rare opportunity. The Challenge is giving everyone a fair shot at Metaverse fame.

Who can apply?

The competition is open to anyone from amateur DJs to even professional teams, individual Tik Tok dancers, and professional dance groups. All are welcome.

Where is it gonna take place?

The challenge will be held entirely online on IggyBoy social media platforms. To cap it all, there will be an after-party at a live location to be decided once the guests are confirmed.

How to participate in the Challenge?

All interested Dancers and DJs can send their applications to: challenge@1ath.studio. They can also visit our official Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge website for more information.

Prizes to be won include:

For The Dance Challenge

The Grand Prix: $5000 and a marketing budget of $30,000

Gold Trophy: $2000

The silver Trophy: $1000

The bronze: $800

The 5th to 10th finalists will also receive cash consolation prizes. There is something for everyone.

For the DJ Challenge

Grand Prix: $2000 and a $30,000 marketing budget

Gold Trophy: $500

Silver Trophy: $300

Bronze Trophy: $200

Other Accruing Benefits?

  • A Professionally shot video for dancers
  • A Professionally produced Soundtrack for DJs
  • Social media mentions and tags on IggyBoy social platforms
  • Real-life Performance and intense social media exposure

More About vUniversum Metaverse

vUniversum is a digital entertainment platform where members can create entertainment centers, hubs, fan clubs, showrooms, merch shops, exhibitions, etc.

Members would get to do fun stuff like:

  • Dancing
  • Mixing tapes
  • Watching videos
  • Dating
  • Shopping
  • and so much more!

We aim to welcome social media users into the vUniversum Metaverse helping them comfortably transition from social media to the world of digital entertainment.

It will be a space for fun, networking, and entertainment like never before.

Join our Discord server and follow us on all of our social media sites to remain up to date if you haven’t already.

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