Holiday Cheers and Crypto Peaks: Christmas Crypto Round-Up

3 min readDec 30, 2023

In our special holiday edition, we celebrate the season’s greetings with a close look at Crypto’s remarkable peak this festive week.

Bitcoin Rises to 16th Largest Global Currency

Bitcoin (BTC), once considered a peripheral digital asset, has now become the 16th largest currency in the world in terms of market capitalization. This is calculated by multiplying its total circulating supply of 19.5 million BTC by its current price.

Solana Overtakes Ethereum in Search Trends

For the first time this year, the search term “Solana” has eclipsed “Ethereum” in online popularity, indicating a growing curiosity among traders about Solana’s ecosystem.

Although Ethereum consistently led in search interest throughout most of the year, the trend shifted between December 17 and 23. During this period, Solana achieved a search interest score of 56, surpassing Ethereum’s score of 50.

$1.8 Billion Lost to Hackers and Scammers in 2023

Web3 saw a staggering $1.8 billion lost to hackers and scammers in 2023, with 17% attributed to the North Korea-linked Lazarus Group, as per a recent Immunefi report.

The year’s biggest heist hit the Mixin Network, leading to a $200 million loss. Close behind were the $197 million Euler Finance breach and the $126 million Multichain hack.

New York Times Sues OpenAI and Microsoft

The New York Times has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, accusing them of unlawfully training AI models with their articles.

The suit claims these models, now competitors, use the content for free and divert the newspaper’s audience.

Donald Trump Cashes Out $2.4 Million in Ethereum

According to blockchain data tracked by Arkham Intelligence, former President Donald Trump has sold $2.4M worth of ether.

It comes after he began sending ETH to Coinbase, following months of accumulating Trump NFT royalties, with a peak balance of $4M.

South Korean Officials to Disclose Crypto Assets in 2024

By 2024, South Korea plans to enforce disclosure of crypto assets held by approximately 5,800 officials through the Public Official Ethics System. This initiative signifies a step toward transparency, allowing citizens insight into government employees’ digital currency possessions.

Formerly scattered across official gazettes or ministry websites, this centralized system intends to provide comprehensive access to officials’ crypto declarations, fostering greater accountability.

Reports Emerge Suggesting Mt. Gox Creditors are Receiving Repayments

Recent reports hint at long-awaiting relief for Mt. Gox creditors as repayments allegedly commence. Redditors rejoice, claiming receipt of Japanese Yen refunds via PayPal, marking the unlocking of Bitcoin trapped since 2014. Excitement floods online forums amidst trustee statements forecasting continuous repayments through 2024. The long saga appears to be taking a promising turn for those affected by the historic exchange’s collapse.




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