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IggyBoy is 1ATH.Studio’s exclusive NFT project, and it’s looking huge. The new NFT collection has been making waves in the right circles, and the time to jump on board and whitelist is almost over!

Whitelisting for the IggyBoy NFT draws to a close today, February 18 at 11:59 PM CET. It has been an exciting couple of weeks and people have been anticipating the mint day on February 20! We have seen a large growth in the number of sign-ups in the past few days, so the whitelist is being filled up very quickly. As of this moment, only 200 SPOTS left!

NOTE: Those who haven’t submitted their metamask yet, please do it ASAP! We won’t be able to accept new WL requests and metamask updates after 11:59 CET.

Take the IggyBoy Quiz today! It’s the fastest way to whitelist

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Opt-in today and don’t miss your chance to mint the most-awaited IggyBoy NFT with exclusive benefits this February 20!

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Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge! 🕺🏼🎶 Vote for your favorite Dancers and DJs:

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Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge! 🕺🏼🎶 Vote for your favorite Dancers and DJs:

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