Extreme gas fee reduction thanks to ERC275A smart contract

The highly-anticipated IggyBoy NFT project is about to make its impact in the NFT world, and potential owners are running out of time to gain an advantage. The IggyBoy NFT project grants its holders exceptional Metaverse advantages and special privileges.

Amazing news about the gas fee for the upcoming presale

1ATH.Studio team worked really hard to provide everyone with the best and lowest gas fee possible. As a result, we have optimized our smart contract by implementing the recently released ERC275A smart contract.

The typical gas charge for a single IggyBoy NFT will be roughly $25, depending on the blockchain load. Every extra NFT purchased will result in a slight increase in gas fees. Eventually, whitelisted users will be able to mint numerous NFTs for almost the same price as a single IggyBoy NFT.

It is crucial to note that there will be no ticket system and the IggyBoy NFTs will be minted straight from the website. Furthermore, the maximum amount of NFTs that may be purchased during the presale is increased to ten.

1ATH.Studio Promises

An NFT requires marketing efforts and the like in order to grow in value over time. Our team recognizes the importance of such activities. To reassure members of their community, the team has made specific promises to NFT holders. Among these promises are:

  1. To tweet about the successful sellout and strike a deal with at least 10 Twitter influencers to promote their tweets.
  2. Following the sellout, they promise to set aside a substantial financial budget for media purchase.
  3. To contact popular media outlets to publish press releases regarding the successful sellout.
  4. To shoot a promotion for Telegram users and post it in at least 30 crypto-related Telegram channels with over 10 million subscribers.
  5. To randomly give a cashback of the mint price of 5 NFTs to 20 members who purchased 5 or more IggyBoy NFTs.

You’re probably thinking that such promises can be hard to keep. That’s why we aren’t taking it easy; we’ve started keeping our promises even before the launch date

Symbiosis and IggyLady NFT collections

As mentioned in the roadmap, there is a future plan that extends beyond the IggyBoy collection. This includes the future NFT compilations from IggyLady and Symbiosis. More information is also accessible on the Discord server.

The time for purchasers to be whitelisted is running out, and this is the final call to action before the launch date. Take advantage of the opportunity now to reserve a space for the mint on Sunday!

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Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge! 🕺🏼🎶 Vote for your favorite Dancers and DJs: https://challenge.1ath.studio/season1/voting

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Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge! 🕺🏼🎶 Vote for your favorite Dancers and DJs: https://challenge.1ath.studio/season1/voting

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