Digital Landscape: AI, Crypto, and Policy Shifts Reshaping the World

4 min readMay 22, 2023

Let’s start the week with the latest news that happened from Thursday to Monday. We invite you to read our digest and wish you a productive week!

ChatGPT on App Store

OpenAI’s cutting-edge AI chatbot, ChatGPT, is now officially accessible to US users via the Apple App Store. Users around the globe and those on Android can also anticipate its availability soon, heralding a new era of AI communication across various platforms.

Crypto Disruption Down Under

In the wake of Australian payment service provider Westpac discontinuing its support, Binance Australia has temporarily suspended services for Australian dollar transactions, including PayID AUD deposits. This major disruption comes as the latest chapter in the volatile relationship between traditional banking institutions and the burgeoning crypto industry.

Crypto for Campaigns

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has broken new ground in U.S. politics by becoming the first candidate to accept Bitcoin for campaign donations. This unprecedented move signifies an alignment with cryptocurrencies as a symbol of democracy and freedom, even amidst growing U.S. regulatory pressures. Embracing Bitcoin not only taps into a novel source of funding, but it also echoes RFK Jr.’s libertarian views on digital currencies.

Web5 Unveiled

In a groundbreaking initiative, Jack Dorsey’s TBD, a division of Block, has revealed their latest innovation: the Web5 toolkit. This decentralized web platform is designed to equip users with unprecedented control over their own data and identity. By integrating decentralized identity, data storage, wallets as agents, decentralized web nodes and apps, and using internationally acknowledged decentralized identifiers, Web5 is set to redefine user experiences and autonomy in the digital world.


In a bold move to challenge Twitter, Meta, Instagram’s parent company, has plans to launch a new text-based app. Leaked reports, as per Lia Haberman from UCLA, propose a Twitter-like interface and an innovative integration with decentralized social media platforms. The app extends Instagram’s market, heralding a fresh era in decentralized social networking. Coupled with enhanced creator controls and account safety features, this bold initiative is aimed squarely at catering to modern user needs.

Biden’s Fiscal Fortitude

President Biden recently asserted his firm stance against protecting tax evaders and crypto traders during a press conference, a response to Congressional leaders seeking bipartisan solutions to the impending debt crisis. He emphasized his commitment to substantial spending cuts and deficit reduction, voicing his refusal to shield corporations or sectors at the expense of essential American services such as healthcare, education, law enforcement, and food assistance. As social media buzzes in reaction, the future course of these fiscal negotiations remains a topic of intense interest.

Binance’s Brazilian Breakthrough

Binance’s partner, Latam Gateway, has been greenlit to operate as a payment institution and electronic money issuer in Brazil, marking a significant expansion in a crucial market for Binance. This partnership, established in June 2022, caters to nearly 214 million potential users in Brazil and enables transactions using the Brazilian real. Bolstering its dedication to the Brazilian market, Binance launched a prepaid crypto card in collaboration with Mastercard earlier this year, providing Brazilians with the ability to use over 14 crypto assets for purchases and bill payments, and further advancing the realm of crypto-fiat conversion.




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