Deep insights & some insider info from the Web Summit 2022!

The Web Summit 2022 has officially wrapped, and the true adventure has formally begun for us.

4 min readNov 9, 2022

This year showed that more and more people are becoming crypto enthusiasts or at least have a basic understanding of crypto technologies.

We’re back from the week in Lisbon, attending the Web Summit 2022. The event was significant and productive for us. We’ve completed our plan and visited most of the renowned speakers and CEOs we put on the list. Each day at Summit was hectic, yet it was an outstanding experience for us. We got very inspired by the tech leaders we attended at the event. There were a lot of big names like Charles Hoskinson (co-founder of Cardano and Ethereum), CZ (CEO at Binance), Devin Finzer (CEO at OpenSea), Sandeep Nailwal (co-founder at Polygon), and many others. We recorded some of their speeches at Web Summit and posted the highlights to our social media channels.

We were very interested in attending Sandeep Nailwal’s session to know his thoughts on the current situation and their plans. Besides gaining a unique experience, one of the reasons we wanted to attend the session by Sandeep Nailwal, is that our Freebi partners have built the Freebi coin on Polygon. Polygon is the leading layer-2 Ethereum solution. Polygon, also known as MATIC, is a cryptocurrency and a technology platform launched to connect and grow Ethereum-compatible projects and blockchains. Polygon is now very active in mass adoption — for instance, its recent cooperation with the Reddit team, a solution to sell Reddit avatars.

Around three million NFT holders joined the community via this project, and most of them were not into NFTs before, and now they’re all there. Another great example is Polygon’s cooperation with Starbucks — they are building Starbucks’ loyalty program on Polygon. There was also the news about Instagram’s deal with Polygon to enable their NFT-selling feature. There were also such rockstar participants as Nicole Munitz (CEO at Yuga Labs), Julian Holguin (CEO at Doodles), and many others.

Web Summit Lisbon 2022

Speaking about the release of our utilities and precisely the Freebi coin and staking, which are very connected, we have good news for our precious community members! By the end of the week, we will mention the release date of the Freebi website, Freebi wiki, and staking. Stay tuned, and check our postings closer to the end of the week!

The future for metaverses is enormous.

Also, we’ve got some insider info from the blockchain community we communicated with during the Summit. Many leading companies are into metaverses, and many are developing them without making any notes about this. At the same time, this is probably separate from Meta and metaverse by other major players.

Investors and developers are not into Meta by Mark Zukerberg. The community is not into what is built by Google or Facebook since these guys abuse user data. There’s no trust in the current financial system as well.

What they’re trying to develop now is a kind of environment for people where they are decision-makers. And to get rid of the concept where people are the product — the situation when people do not even know how the data is taken and used.

There’s not any trust in the current financial system as well, and they are trying to make a space where politicians are not involved in the financial system. The community strives to get rid of the financial system interfering with politics the same way previously. It was separated from the church in many countries. Eventually, the metaverse is the future, not the one by Meta or Google. The financial system moves to decentralization.

Sandeep Nailwal (co-founder at Polygon)

Another fascinating insight from the leading blockchain influencers and c-levels is that most of the items that have value for humanity in the physical world will be digitalized. Having a digital equivalent for a physical market will be standard.

The blockchain community is against temporary players, flippers, scammers, and crypto-tourists. If a person is thinking about the right away profit, a flipper, a paper hand, or gamble around the crypto of NFT, all these current crypto community members will not stay, and the market will purify them. The main message that most of the crypto-influencers deliver is to concentrate on building the utilities, and there will be no need for marketing. The product will sell itself and will attract the right people to join.

We’ve got plenty of insights from the Web Summit. We now have a clear picture of the industry leaders and understand our current and future goals. Therefore, currently, we are restructuring our workflows and strengthening our team. So stay tuned for positive changes and many upcoming notable releases!




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