4 min readJul 6, 2023

Mark Zuckerberg lands the first punch in the ongoing feud with the world’s richest man; Elon Musk. We take a look at this and more updates from the week.

Zuckerberg Launches Twitter Killer, Gains 5 million Users in 4 hours

Mark Zuckerberg has Launched the highly anticipated Threads social media app to rival twitter. The Instagram derived social media app which has been dubbed ‘twitter killer’ by many enthusiastic users is set to rival twitter in the Microblogging space.

The Meta CEO announced few hours after launch, that the platform had surpassed 5 million users barely 4 hours after its launch. Many users have described the launch of threads and its humongous adoption as Zuckerberg’s first punch in his much-anticipated fight with Elon musk.

Central Bank of China Appoints Anti-Bitcoin Governor

China has reportedly appointed Central Bank Deputy governor Pan Gongsheng as the people’s Bank of China (PBOC) party secretary. The appointment Places the experienced regulator in line to become the next governor of the country’s chief financial institution.

Gongsheng has been known to be a loud BTC Skeptic, having made several critical comments regarding Bitcoin in the past. He is also in charge of the Leading group of internet Financial Risks remediation, a group that is Clamping down on the use of Cryptocurrency and regulating Fin-tech companies in China.

Lacoste turns fashion NFTs into digital cards for interactive Web3 experience

Parisian Fashion Giant’s, Lacoste has launched an enthralling web3 gaming experience known as “The Mission”. The first season will run from June to December and will involve several chapters with varying tasks setup for users to accomplish. Users who complete the missions will receive mission points and move up the ladder of the game leaderboard gradually.

The top performers in this leaderboard will then gain rewards and higher rarity rankings for their UNDW3 NFT cards. The highest-ranking player at the conclusion of the first season, will win an all-expenses-paid Lacoste VIP experience in Paris. This is the second phase of Lacoste’s Web3 integration and innovation, after the Fashion giants launched the UNDW3 NFT in June 2022.

Elon Musk Intensifies Training for Showdown Against Mark Zuckerberg

Twitter CEO and Billionaire Elon Musk over the week, intensified his training for the supposed Knockout fight against fellow billionaire and Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

In a Twitter post shared by Lex Fridman, Elon musk was captured coming out of an intense training session alongside Fridman and Georges St Pierre. In response to Fridman’s twitter post, Musk gutted about needing to train more for the big fight.

Coca-Cola Serbia Partners SolSea

Coca-Cola Serbia has teamed up with SolSea, a Solana-based NFT marketplace, for a partnership announced on July 5. The collaboration will bring exclusive merchandise and Coca-Cola Serbia-branded non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to participants at Serbia’s EXIT Festival.

The offer includes 100 limited-edition hoodies paired with NFTs for VIP members, as well as other apparel items. Coca-Cola had previously engaged in NFT initiatives for charity and commemorative purposes, joining the trend alongside major brands like Marvel, Starbucks, and Porsche.

Vietnam Investigates Pi Cryptocurrency

Vietnamese regulatory authorities have launched an investigation into the Pi cryptocurrency, citing potential risks and urging caution for investors. The Department of Cybersecurity and High-Tech Crime Prevention in vietnam expressed concerns about the complex and unregulated nature of cryptocurrency models like Pi.

Authorities are particularly focusing on activities related to Pi and cautioning against schemes promising high profits or resembling multi-level marketing. Local experts have also mentioned the lack of transparency and potential data privacy risks associated with Pi.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Prices Crashes to Two-Year Low

Bored ape yacht club (BAYC), one time leader in floor prices for all NFT’s, has experienced a massive dip, reaching its lowest Floor since the third quarter of 2021. The Floor price fell to 27 Eth ($52,000) over the weekend, after series of triggers and sell-offs by BAYC holders.

This floor represents an 88% decline from its April 2022 peak. The mercurial NFT has rebounded slightly since then, trading at 29 Eth currently.




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