Check out this video guide on how to mint IggyBoy NFTs for today’s pre-sale!

2 min readFeb 20, 2022

The IggyBoy NFT promises its holders special Metaverse benefits and rights. It delivers clearly defined intrinsic value as a utility NFT, such as physical ownership, exclusive access to special events, airdrops, and merchandise, among other advantages.

To know more about the step-by-step process of minting your IggyBoy NFT, you better watch this video:

To see the minting process in detail, check out this video

As we are nearly approaching our presale mint day, we would like to remind you that minting early will give the oldest timestamp in the blockchain and will make you eligible for a passive income in the ReelBulls product.

You can expect timely updates from us right after a successful sell-out. Here are some of the promises that we plan to fulfill:

  • We promise to give mint cash back of the mint price for 5 NFTs to 20 members who purchased 5+ IggyBoy NFTs.
  • We promise to partner with media channels to aid the distribution of PR articles. Targeted channels include Bloomberg, Nasdaq, The Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, etc.

In other news, we are happy to announce that we reached 80k members milestone on Discord.

Do you have any idea what that means? You know it! High demand for IggyBoy NFTs, with non-whitelisted members eager to get one after missing out on the presale! Hold on to your IggyBoy, since the price will continue to rise as a result of our further push!

Whitelisted members, don’t miss your chance to mint the most-awaited IggyBoy NFT with exclusive benefits this February 20 at 2PM EST.

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