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How to Train Your GPT to Sound Like a Human Writer

3 min readMar 27, 2024

Diving into the world of AI, especially the usage of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, one can’t help but notice a certain mechanical undertone, a giveaway of its silicon-based origins. It’s this slight, yet unmistakable ‘roboticness’ that often separates the prose of AI from that of a seasoned human writer, full of nuance and warmth.

But what if I told you that the future isn’t set in stone and that your very own AI companion could echo your writing style so closely, it’s like looking into a literary mirror? In this guide, we’re unlocking the secrets to transforming ChatGPT from an advanced chatbot into your personal writing twin, capable of mirroring your unique voice and style with astonishing accuracy.

Step 1: Initiating the Magic Prompt

Begin by deploying the “Magic Prompt,” a crucial setup that tunes ChatGPT into learning mode, ready to absorb your writing nuances. Whether leveraging GPT-4, Bing Chat’s Creative Mode, or GPT-3.5, this initial step is your gateway. Get set to input this prompt and kickstart the transformation of ChatGPT into your writing clone.

Step 2: Share Your Writing

Once ChatGPT responds with “START,” it’s your cue. Proceed by sending over the first piece of your writing for ChatGPT to analyze and learn from. This is where the training truly begins.

Step 3: Continue the Training

Following ChatGPT’s prompt with “NEXT,” keep the momentum by submitting additional texts. Each entry should closely represent your writing style. Persist through each “NEXT” response from GPT, providing ample examples until you’re confident the AI has sufficiently grasped your unique voice.

Step 4: Conclude the Training

After submitting all your sample texts, signal the completion of the training phase by typing “DONE.” This lets ChatGPT begin synthesizing your input, crafting patterns that mirror your distinctive writing style.

Step 5: ChatGPT Adopts Your Style

It’s showtime! Request ChatGPT to craft new content, and observe as it skillfully emulates your tone and vocabulary, showcasing the depth of its learning from your inputs.

Step 6: Craft Your Personal Writer Twin

With your GPT now fine-tuned to your writing style, proceed to solidify this transformation by setting up your personalized GPT profile under the sub GPT tabs. From here on, simply provide the topics or details for content, and watch as your GPT clone articulates ideas in your distinct voice.

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