A Year of Remarkable Achievements: Celebrating 1ATH.Studio’s Milestones in 2023

4 min readJan 8, 2024

2023 was a year of significant milestones for 1ATH.Studio, marked by a series of successful events and initiatives that have strengthened our position in the crypto community. Here’s a look at the key achievements that made the year truly memorable.

Global Recognition at ICE London

The year kicked off with 1ATH.Studio making a splash at ICE London, the pinnacle event in the global gaming sector. Held from February 7–9, this event is renowned for its focus on innovative technology and networking.

We were part of an elite group, alongside 650 other brands from over 150 countries, sharing insights and exploring the latest in gaming technology. The ICE 365 LIVE feature and Pitch ICE 2023 were particular highlights, showcasing our commitment to industry-leading practices and entrepreneurial spirit.

Staking Success and Community Engagement

Our community was at the heart of two spectacular events in 2023. The IggyBoy NFT staking initiatives — a special lottery in March and April, followed by the Summer Staking Promo — saw overwhelming participation. Lucky winners walked away with significant prizes, reinforcing our commitment to rewarding community loyalty.

Breaking Records with IggyBoy NFTs

Achieving a remarkable milestone, over 6,000 IggyBoy NFTs were staked by our community, with more than 80% of all minted NFTs being actively staked. This milestone underscores the trust and commitment of our community members in the potential of our project.

Enhancing Gaming and Entertainment Experience

The IggyBoy game and the Launch of our Entertainment hub emerged as a community favorite, offering not only entertainment but also the chance to win rare animated IggyBoy NFTs and boost $FRBI earnings. Our IggyBoy game introduced weekly jackpots, offering rare animated NFTs, and provided players with the chance to earn additional $FRBI coins.

NFT Milestones and Upcoming Releases

A pivotal moment was the full request of all IggyBoy NFTs in our Entertainment Hub Shop, signaling a successful journey in NFT releases.

The upcoming launch of the IggyLady NFT collection promises to be another landmark event, showcasing our commitment to bringing unique and valuable digital assets to our community.

IggyLady New Year Bonanza

We wrapped up the year with the announcement of the IggyLady New Year Bonanza, marking the launch of the IggyLady NFT collection. This launch of the IggyLady NFT collection is coupled with a massive giveaway of 5 ETH to 100 lucky winners. This event is exclusive to our Entertainment Hub Shop users.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on these achievements, we remain committed to innovation and community engagement. Our journey in 2023 has set a solid foundation for continued success, and we look forward to sharing more groundbreaking milestones with our community in the years to come.




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