A Stellar Week: Bitcoin’s Ascent, Presidential Crypto Clues, and AI Milestones

3 min readFeb 16, 2024

The past week has been stellar for the crypto and tech communities, featuring Bitcoin’s impressive climb, intriguing signals from President Biden regarding crypto, and the reveal of OpenAI’s latest AI innovation.

OpenAI Launches Sora: Text-to-Video AI for Movie Scenes

OpenAI introduces Sora, a generative AI model that transforms text into 1080p movie-like scenes with multiple characters and dynamic motion.

Sora’s deep understanding of language enables it to interpret prompts and create compelling characters expressing vibrant emotions.

Empire State Building Unveils NFT-Powered Ambassador Program

The iconic Empire State Building teams up with Uptop and Magic for an innovative NFT-powered Ambassador Program, enhancing visits with exclusive digital keepsakes. This free initiative marks a blend of tradition and digital innovation, inviting all to a modernized observatory experience.

Telefónica and Chainlink Unite to Fortify Web3 Security

Telefónica, a global telecom giant, has announced a strategic partnership with Chainlink, the leading decentralized oracle network, to enhance security measures against Web3 vulnerabilities, including the notorious “SIM Swap” attacks. This collaboration aims to secure smart contracts by integrating them with Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs) on the “GSMA Open Gateway.” Initiated by GSMA, which encompasses over 1,000 mobile operators and related businesses, the GSMA Open Gateway seeks to bridge telecom technologies with the burgeoning Web3 ecosystem, offering a new layer of security and interoperability.

X Launches Creator Targeting for Advertisers

X, formerly Twitter, announced that advertisers will soon have the option to run ads alongside specific content creators, aiming to prevent ads from appearing next to controversial or offensive content.

The new offering, “Creator Targeting,” grants advertisers more control over where their ads are displayed, with plans to further refine the feature by allowing ads solely on individual creator profiles.

Hillary Clinton Warns: Bitcoin Could Challenge the US Dollar

Hillary Clinton voices concerns over Bitcoin’s burgeoning influence, suggesting the cryptocurrency’s novel mining and trading mechanisms could potentially destabilize traditional currencies and challenge the US Dollar’s dominance as the global reserve currency

Bitcoin is Now World’s 10th Largest Asset, Surpassing Tesla, and Visa

Bitcoin’s market value surpassed $1 trillion as its price reached over $51,000, with a circulating supply of 19,627,443 BTC, 93.46% of its 21 million cap.

Bitcoin ranks as the 10th largest asset globally, following gold, silver, and leading tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon.

U.S President Joe Biden Posted Picture Of Bitcoin Laser Eyes

President Joe Biden became a Bitcoin ambassador by sharing a photo with laser eyes on his Twitter and Instagram profiles.

Jack Dorsey Makes Huge Superbowl Crypto Statement

At Superbowl 2024, Jack Dorsey turned heads, not just for his star-studded company with Jay Z and Beyonce, but for his bold fashion choice: a “Satoshi” inscribed tee. This unexpected nod to the mysterious Bitcoin creator sparked a frenzy in the crypto world, igniting speculation and excitement. What message is Dorsey sending to the masses, and what could this mean for the future of cryptocurrency?




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