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4 min readMay 4, 2022


Members of the IggyBoy community should expect some huge and exciting news. We have some pretty fantastic things on the horizon following a successful WL Mint2. This May and the following months are definitely going to be HOT!

From the Dance & DJ Challenge to the upcoming official coin release, some of the projects we’re working on are truly groundbreaking in the NFT market. And while we can’t say too much at this point because our competitors are keenly watching us, we’ll share as much information as we can. With that being said, our progress so far is detailed below:

Dance & DJ Challenge

We are launching a truly unique challenge for dancers & DJs with a considerable prize pool and wide media coverage! The goal of this challenge is to serve as a massive event to boost WL MINT3 and IggyLady presale. This will be the first event of this type in the NFT world! We can’t disclose too much about it yet since this is an innovative campaign that nobody did before, but we promise that it will be a ton of fun and will make our project truly stand out. More updates are coming soon!


One of the big news announced in the past month was the introduction of staking this June. This is an opportunity so many of our community members have been waiting for. We are currently working on the staking engine, distribution schemes, benefits structure, and other technical details. This opportunity will take the project to the next level. More details on this exciting opportunity will be released in the coming weeks.

Iggy Coin

Another item we have announced in the past month is the release of an official 1ATH.Studio coin. This coin will be distributed to holders as a reward for staking their NFTs. It will be possible to earn coins on a daily basis by staking Iggies for a certain period of time and using earned coins for purchasing items and services like merch, intellectual property rights, IRL event tickets, etc. The coin will also be utilized in the metaverse for entertainment, land buying, and other activities.

IggyBoy Intellectual Property

Stakers will be able to acquire Intellectual Property Rights for their IggyBoy NFTs with an official statement coming from our team and an original 3D model being sent to them. This will give them an opportunity to use their IggyBoy NFTs in any way they like, including commercial use. We are proud to say that we are one of the first projects in the NFT sphere to offer this opportunity to our community members.

Iggy Traits Upgrade

There will be another great update soon! IggyBoy community coin holders will soon be able to modify their NFTs’ attributes. You may customize every aspect of your Iggy’s appearance, including its eyes, nose, lips, expressions, clothing, accessories, and even the background. If you like, you can even add your branding and slogan! Any request will be customized for you by our 3D designer.

We are one of the first in the NFT market to offer such amazing perks!

IRL Event

We aspire to organize more meaningful and exciting events for our loyal community. Get VIP access to concerts, conferences, events, and the upcoming Dance & DJ Competition!

More projects are in the works

Our developers are hard at work on the forthcoming Metaverse. They have been working on the system engine and database. In the next few days, further sneak peeks will be provided. Another exciting project is the ReelBulls Slot Game, where IggyBoy NFTs will be used as slot game symbols and jackpots. The work on the game is also well underway.

The IggyLady NFT Collection will also be released soon! A number of sneak peeks have already been shared on social media. The NFT community has eagerly expecting its release because owners of IggyBoy NFTs will be eligible for a FREE symbiosis airdrop if they pair it with an IggyLady,

We’ve also been concentrating on social media development in order to provide more interactive content and make our community more engaged.

SPOILER ALERT: you’ll soon see our two new TikTok stars! Get ready to meet them.

We appreciate your faith and trust in this project. Let’s take this project to the moon, fam!

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