1ATH.Studio will Offer Staking Opportunity and Upcoming Official Coin!

2 min readApr 8, 2022

At 1ATH.Studio, we are making exciting new moves towards the future Metaverse and will soon offer even more benefits to our holders and community members. As a utility NFT project, our goal is to provide a maximum amount of benefits to our holders and community members.

Below are some of our latest steps in that direction.

Staking opportunity

As many of our NFT-savvy readers already know, staking is a way to earn passive income by letting holders lock their NFTs in DeFi platforms to receive rewards and benefits, without selling their NFTs.

This option will soon be available to holders of IggyBoy NFTs, and the holders will be eligible to receive rewards, simply by HODLing their IggyBoys! This is something that has been much anticipated by our community members, and we are excited to be able to provide this utility to our holders!

Official 1ATH.Studio Coin

One of the rewards given to IggyBoy holders for staking their NFTs will be our official 1ATH.Studio coin that will be released this May or June! The only way to mine this coin will be by staking your IggyBoy NFTs.

What is the utility of having this coin, you might ask? This official coin will serve as the primary currency in the upcoming vUniversum metaverse mentioned earlier! It will be used to buy land, shop at various merch and other digital stores, attend events and access entertainment options.

As you can see we have grand plans for the near future and will soon enter a new chapter in our project’s development. Our goal is to be around for the long haul and we are determined to stay true to that commitment.

More Exciting Developments

Our talented developers and designers have been hard at work on the upcoming IggyLady NFT collection as well as the future vUniversum metaverse. Significant progress has been made on all fronts. We just began sharing IggyLady sneak peeks, which has generated a lot of excitement and discussion on our social media and Discord server.

More details about our future plans will be unveiled real soon. We have added more details to the previously planned stages and added some more new exciting items in our updated roadmap. Stay tuned for more updates!

In the meantime, we’d want to thank our community members and Alphas for making this project so special and rewarding! Join our Discord server and follow us on all of our social media sites to remain up to date if you haven’t already.

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