1ATH.STUDIO Project Update: NFT Staking release!

We’re proud to announce the release of our staking utility!

4 min readNov 23, 2022


Greetings to our faithful holders, potential holders, community members, and people interested in NFT and crypto.

Our current hot news is our staking platform release with our partners at Freebi. Freebi is a team that developed $FRBI coin and take care of the technical aspects of the coin. Meanwhile, we are responsible for coin marketing, distribution, and allocation.


1ATH.Studio NFT Staking Release!

We’re proud to announce the release of our staking utility! Now you can stake your IggyBoy NFTs and receive daily rewards in $FRBI coins. The longer you stake, the more you earn! Check our social media for the links to staking and Freebi websites. You will also find other valuable resources, including:

Today, you can connect the wallets and check the staking interfaces. Within around an hour, you will be able to see the list of your NFTs and stake them. These measures are temporary, and later on, the NFTs will be available for staking right away. NOTE: We’ve made this for security reasons to avoid attacks and scams.


The final discussion on the coin emission and staking portal went well.

Recently, we had the last discussion on the coin emission and staking portal with Freebi developers. After the final testing on production servers and ensuring all known bugs are fixed, we released Freebi and staking. During the next several days, we welcome all our holders to come and stake. Please take your time to stake it right away.

Together with the staking release, we are thrilled to announce the Freebi wiki, a fruit of collaboration between 1ATHStudio and Freebi.

Freebi wiki is the initial core structure that will only expand and grow. It has all the necessary information about the coin itself, its benefits, and the plan we have for it. As we consider the response from the market players, users and investors, Freebi developers will optimize the coin.

We are glad to be a part of the Freebi ecosystem. Freebi is a great product that allows us to use their technologies and offers rewards to the IggyBoy holders. There’s a long list of excellent apps and developments in the pipeline: IggyBoy is one of them, as the ReelBulls slot brand and the upcoming decentralized casino.


ReelBulls is finalizing integration with 1GameHub

ReelBulls release is also completely ready, and we plan to issue it in a short time. Currently, the ReelBulls team is finishing the integration with 1GameHub partners. Within the next two weeks, there will be negotiations to release the game in the client database of casino operators. In the beginning, ReelBulls will be entering the market with a 100% discount, which is something that most new or no-name brands are releasing.

The terms will last for a certain period until all the certifications are approved, the game stability is proven, and there are no complaints and downtimes.

The massive advantage of releasing the game via 1GameHub is that we are skipping the part when the game has to be integrated with each of the clients – 1GameHub has trust in the market, they are an established game aggregator, and this is the best way for a game title to enter the market smoothly and fast.


We are now coordinating the financial and technical part with another established provider to launch more slot games not only based on Mr.Slotty games but on another technically advanced provider of slot game engines. In partnership with ReelBulls, we plan to make a set of games on this new engine besides the planned IggyBoy, IggyLady, and Symbiosis games based on the Mr.Slotty engine.

Our ReelBulls partners have enormous plans for brand development in the gambling arena and will launch at least 3 NFT projects as planned.

After those releases, we start discussing the marketing plan for the IggyBoy Mint3 and IggyLady releases. By the way, the whole IggyLady collection is fully ready, including static and animated NFTs, metadata, and all the technical aspects of it. On top of that, we begin working on the agenda for the IRL event, and despite the military activity in Europe, which also influences us, it will happen in any case.


1ATH.Studio hosts AMA sessions on YouTube Live every week. During the AMAs, we usually share our most essential project-related news and different kinds of insider information from time to time. Our current and new members are welcome to join our regular AMAs every Monday at 3:30 pm CET time zone.

We wish you an efficient and wonderful week ahead! There are the main happenings on our project from the previous week. Stay tuned for updates on our social media.

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