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Altcoin Whirlwind: Hacked Accounts, Meme Coin Surges, and Whale Moves

4 min readJul 7, 2024

This week’s Altcoin roundup dives into the whirlwind of events, from Sydney Sweeney’s hacked account promoting a pump-and-dump scheme, to the dramatic surge of a Kamala Harris-themed memecoin

Hamster Kombat’s Viral Growth Continues with Upcoming Token Launch on TON Blockchain

The viral growth of Hamster Kombat and its upcoming token launch on the TON blockchain could onboard hundreds of millions of people to Web3, according to Telegram founder Pavel Durov.

In a public post to his Telegram channel’s 2.7 million subscribers, Durov highlighted the viral clicker game’s booming success. Since its launch in March 2024, the game has attracted over 200 million players. Durov emphasized that the upcoming token launch on the TON blockchain presents a significant opportunity to bring a massive new audience into the Web3 ecosystem, further bridging the gap between traditional gaming and blockchain technology.

Circle Becomes First EU-Approved Stablecoin Issuer

Circle, co-founded by CEO Jeremy Allaire, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first stablecoin issuer to gain regulatory approval in the EU under the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) framework. With this approval, Circle’s USDC and EURC are now compliant with the new rules, easing investor concerns about the need to redeem or transfer their stablecoins.

Sydney Sweeney’s X Account Hacked to Promote Memecoin

Sydney Sweeney’s X account was hacked on Monday, with the attacker deleting her posts and using the account to promote a crypto token in a suspected pump-and-dump scheme. The Solana token, named SWEENEY, saw trading volumes skyrocket to over $10 million within just two hours, fueled by the promotional posts from Sweeney’s compromised account.

Kamala Harris-Themed Memecoin Soars Amid Speculation on Biden’s Exit

A Kamala Harris-themed memecoin has surged 250% since Thursday, driven by speculation that Joe Biden might exit the presidential race following a lackluster debate against Donald Trump. The Solana-based token, Kamala Horris (KAMA), which features a cartoon of VP Harris, skyrocketed in market cap from $3.5 million to $11.9 million since the June 27 debate.

Whale Activity on Aave Causes Ethereum Price Fluctuations

A whale recently made significant moves on the Aave platform, impacting the price of Ethereum ($ETH). The whale dumped 26,600 $ETH (valued at $82.5M) at a price of $3,102 to repay debt on Aave, leading to a 3.4% drop in $ETH’s price. Following this, they created a new wallet, borrowed $80.9M in $USDT from Aave, and bought back 26,235 $ETH at a lower price of $3,084. This strategic maneuver allowed the whale to repay debt and re-enter the market at a more favorable rate

Meme of the Week: The Crypto market this week

Top Altcoin Gainers and Losers of the Week

Altcoin of the Week

Gigachad — $GIGA

Coingecko: GIGA is a meme token deployed on the Solana blockchain intended to honor the legend Ernest Khalimov the original “Gigachad”, by utilizing the strength of memes and “Chad” energy. GIGA is a community run project.

Price — $0.01317

Market Cap — $127,139,459

Fully Diluted Valuation — $127,139,459

24 Hour Trading Vol — $4,290,517

Circulating Supply — 9,604,136,902

Total Supply — 9,604,136,902

Max Supply — 10,000,000,000




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