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Giant Strides in the Altcoin World

4 min readMay 5, 2024

Dive into the action in a week that has been packed with both Hot and Cold drama in the Altcoin world.

Dipping Ethereum Fees Signal Possible Altcoin Surge: Insights from Santiment

Ethereum network’s gas fees have hit their lowest in six months, with the average transaction cost plummeting to just $1.12 on April 27, reveals an analysis by crypto analytics firm Santiment.

This decrease in fees aligns with a modest uptick in Ether’s price over the recent weekend. According to Santiment, this scenario might hint at an impending rally in altcoins, as historically, reduced Ethereum fees tend to encourage heightened trading activity among altcoins.

Solana Memecoin Reaches $328 Trillion Market Cap in Scam Launch

An obscure Solana-based memecoin has seemingly become the world’s highest market cap asset at $328 trillion — with a catch: it’s a honeypot scam where no one can sell.

Launched on April 29, Bonk Killer (BONKKILLER) managed to rake in around $4.6 million in trading volume over 24 hours despite having just over 1,000 holders. According to crypto analytics platform Birdeye, the creator holds over 90% of the tokens.

Justin Sun Discusses the Impact of Community on Memecoins

Justin Sun, the visionary behind Tron, recently articulated his views on the role of community within the cryptocurrency landscape, with a particular focus on memecoins.

In a statement issued on Wednesday,, Sun highlighted the unconventional nature of meme coins, yet pointed out their ability to demonstrate the powerful impact of community engagement in the crypto arena. He stressed that the success of any crypto project, meme-based or otherwise, hinges on dedicated involvement and active participation from its community.

AnimeCoin and Azuki Unveil New Gacha Grab Game for NFT Enthusiasts

The AnimeCoin Foundation, in partnership with the Azuki NFT collection on Ethereum, has broadened its digital offerings with the launch of “Gacha Grab,” a new web-based game introduced this Monday. This innovative game provides a unique interactive experience, allowing players to earn credits for owning Azuki, Elementals, or Beanz NFTs.

LayerZero Labs Sets Stage for Airdrop with Final Snapshot

LayerZero Labs, the pioneer in cross-chain communication protocols, has completed a crucial snapshot, paving the way for an anticipated airdrop to its community members. This final snapshot, which serves as the cut-off for transaction eligibility, was taken at 11:59:59 PM UTC on May 1, 2024. The development team has indicated that more details will follow soon, as shared in their recent update on X.

FriendTech Introduces Friend Token with Airdrop on Base Network”

This week, FriendTech officially launched its native token, Friend, on its decentralized exchange hosted on the Base network. The token entered the market with an initial trading price of $3, supported by a circulating supply of about 14.5 million tokens, according to data from DexScreener.

Mum Strip-teases on Livestream for Son’s Meme coin

A mom stripped bare during her son’s meme coin launch to pump it to a $300k Market cap.

The token called LIVEMOM effectively rugged immediately after the pair ended the livestream

Top Altcoin Gainers and Losers

Meme of the Week:

Solana Dev dudes Making “Content” to Pump a $100k Marketcap Memecoin:

Altcoin of the Week

Friend.tech — FRIEND

CoinGecko Friend.tech is a blockchain-based decentrialized social platform. It features social space that is governed and own by the community using “keys”.

Price — $2.46

Market Cap — $223,839,851

Fully Diluted Valuation — $224,013,535

24 Hour Trading Vol — $63,118,451

Circulating Supply — 88,716,497

Total Supply — 88,785,335




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